REVIEW & SWATCHES: Glamorous Face USA Kissproof Longlasting Lipsticks💄💋

Hello everybody! I’m very excited to review these super inexpensive liquid lipsticks today. I didn’t set any high expectations from them or expect them to be super longlasting or anything as the price tag wasn’t too hefty. So how did these lippies perform overall? Read below to find out..

Packaging and consistency:

These come in standard lip gloss packaging with a flat lip gloss applicator. The applicator is flat instead of those traditional dome foot applicators.

The consistency on these is nice and mousse-y. The formula doesn’t feel heavy at all and apply very smoothly as well.

Lasting power and finish:

They dry completely matte on the lips. However, they can be slightly drying. Therefore, applying lip balm beforehand helps a lot for a smoother application. The shades are veryyy pigmented and opaque. And they look gorgeous on the lips. The only problem, I would say, is that they dry a bit sticky. So to avoid that, make sure to use a lip balm.

Cost and availability:

I found them at Naheed super market for under Rs.200.  They are a steal at this price!! They are available in many different shades from reds and pinks to browns and nudes. I would rate them a 4.5 out of 5. I bought shades 18 and 20. Here are a few swatches:



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